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Developed by experts to ensure top performance and durability AGA cookware and accessories have style and functionality. AGA pay attention to every detail; their rigorous testing means you can be sure of the highest quality on all of their products.

Our range includes cast aluminium cookware which offers optimum cooking efficiency and heat distribution; with a non-stick, scratch resistant coating baking and cooking is made easy.  The patented wave technology of the AGA stainless steel cookware ensures maximum contact with the hot-plate for faster, more efficient cooking. The flat, easy stacking lids allows you to make the most of your oven cooking space.

You'll also find a wide range of AGA kettles in a variety of styles, design and sizes. The iconic styles have solid bases to reduce boiling time. Available in a choice of colours there's an AGA kettle to suit all types of kitchen décor. The AGA range of textile accessories have the same attention to detail. Oven gloves and gauntlets have a steam and grease barriers for added protection. All AGA accessories have a unique pattern in colour-ways that will compliment any kitchen colour scheme effortlessly.

From cast aluminium grill pans and woks to whistling kettles and stainless steel saucepans, you'll find all offering exceptional value for money. AGA cookware can be used on electric, gas and halogen cookers.  Our comprehensive range of high quality AGA cookware provides you with all the necessary equipment for you to enjoy home cooking and baking. We even have cleaning products so you can keep your AGA cookware looking its best.